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The Web May Be the Future, But It's Looking Pretty Blue

The web may be the future, but it’s looking pretty blue. In color, that is. A recently released infographic of the colors of the top 100 web brands reveals a color spectrum heavily weighted in hues of blue.

At first this may seem odd, as a brand should aim to “own” a certain color(s) to provide greater brand recognition and distinction. Why would a brand choose to use the same color many other brands are using? And why blue? After a quick look into color meaning and effects on observers, the cool blue color is an obvious logo color choice.

Blue is the most calming primary color, followed by light red (the 2nd most popular web logo color). The color blue is also said to open the flow of communication and broaden one’s perspective in learning new information. Soft or cool colors have a well known calming effect and can also increase concentration and cause people to underestimate time. This last factoid explains the trend of cool colors in web design, especially social networking identities: Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and LinkedIn. All four brands succeed in pulling many of us in and helping us get lost in social connections for hours everyday.

Blue. Another justification for time lost to Facebook.