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Illustrated Cook Book

I love cook books, I love the way some words and photos can make literally your mouth water. Check out this interesting twist on something that has been done since the beginning of time.

Dutch publisher SNOR asked Amsterdam-based Studio Laucke Siebein to design a cookbook for them, containing illustrations by Anya van der Wetering and photographs by Alexander van Berge.

Laucke Siebein explained that they didn’t try to bring these two strong visual elements together in a more-or less harmonious way, but instead decided to introduce a third, headstrong item: the typeface Richard, which they developed specially for this publication.

As they describe, “this typeface is a simple, geometric exercise,” in which they tried to draw a typeface with as few as possible different modular elements. “A couple of squares and circle segments, connectable as Lego building blocks,” that result in a wondrous playfulness and reminds of an “old-fashioned, lace fabric table cover.”