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Apple TV Sets in 2012?

Apple is instructing components suppliers to have parts ready for next-generation Apple TVs in the first quarter of next year, according to a Taiwan-based tech journal. The next foray into television for Cupertino will not be a set-top box like previous versions of Apple TV but rather a full-blown TV set apple is supposedly planning a 32-inch version and a 37-inch version of the rumored Apple TV set.

I cant wait for this to be a reality! In my opinion this will be the next big break though for Apple and the television for that matter. I love Hulu and Netflix but to be honest I hate having to hook up my laptop to the TV and I never really jumped on board with the current Apple TV, probably because its not really a TV. The Apple TV we all know today has a lot of limitations that an actual television set should be able to avoid. 2012 sure to be another great year of innovation and creativity.