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HomeAway HQ Inspired by National Lampoons

[VIA We Heart]

Yep, see them all the time – fancy startup offices; private equity firm’s millions spent on ping pong tables, industrial-chic, bouncy castles, and anything else childish that motivates difficult-but-brilliant 20-something developers. But I bet you haven’t seen one with a full-size replica Wagon Queen Family Truckster (the Griswold’s station wagon, specially designed for National Lampoon’s Vacation) have you? No, so put that in your pipe and smoke it!

Then there’s the snow globe collection (each of the 500 representing a $50 donation to charity), a beach mural, deckchairs, the Everest boardroom with birdhouse chandelier, a rooftop terrace, and hammocks… can you guess what they do yet? This Austin, Texas HQ belongs to HomeAway, a vacation rental website that I’d never even heard of. A quick glance at their website suggests they should be investing more in customer-facing design than swanky offices – but who am I to comment? They’re clearly doing rather well, and good on them; with a working environment this inspirational, they’ll surely carry on going from strength to strength.