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Inflated latex lamps by Eden Ohana

[VIA Design Boom]

Israeli designer Eden Ohana has sent designboom images of his series of vivid lighting pieces entitled 'blowing molds'. ohana built a specific tool to create the pieces he calls the 'volume definer', in which latex is poured in to a mold to be able to control the design process. the result is a collection of bright, organic objects that are a direct result of a considered process, where the pieces appear to be inflated or blown up.

ohana describes his rationale behind the work:

'the essence and objective of this project was to broaden the limits and limitations of the use of materials and existing objects and the reciprocity and connections between subject and material.

the process begun with continuous exploration of borders and obvious limitations, and continued into investigation of various findings and results, breaking and demolishing selected objects that were re-built as past of the exploration. as a result I found the material that superseded the paradox, and its assignment delivered unlimited options of expressions.'

latex is poured in to a mold to be able to control the design process

Check out this video of designer eden ohana creating his inflatable lamps.