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Thanksgiving has always been one of our favorite holidays, here at Soulsight.

This morning, as we waited patiently in line at the market to pay for our groceries, we began to reflect on how some brands connect to the holiday as if they were one of our guests.

There are brands that in their own unique way provide an authenticity and nostalgia that we have begun to attribute to the warm experience, ritual and tradition of Thanksgiving.

Of course, some brands are just about having fun, which is a lot like Thanksgiving too.

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Fuse 2010: Reclaim the Future

Think next. At FUSE 2010, discover how consumers and businesses alike are settling into this “new normal,” and what we must do as brand strategists and designers to Reclaim the Future and create new opportunities for our brands.

The FUSE community unites brand strategists, designers, creative directors and trend forecasters assembling to explore the meaning of brands in a new world and the role of design and trends in keeping those brands relevant for consumers.

Soulsight is excited to be a part of FUSE 2010. Strategy Director Erin Paul and Account Services Director George Argyros will be presenting along with Moira Cullen, Senior Director of Global Design at The Hershey Company.

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Soulsight attends CEO Breakfast with Leo Kiely of MillerCoors

Soulsight's creative team attends the YPC (Young Professionals of Chicago) event with the CEO of MillerCoors, Leo Kiely. This event was part of YPC's CEO Breakfast series. In June, MillerCoors opened its new corporate headquarters in Chicago. At this event, Mr. Kiely shared his knowledge and experiences leading MillerCoors and the beer industry through a company joint venture while focusing on its business strategy and continued goal of becoming America's best beer company. It was a great breakfast and early morning of networking and Q and A with Mr. Kiely.

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Optima Soulsight Officially Changes Name to Soulsight

Optima Soulsight Brand Vision announces today that they will be changing their name. As of the 2nd of November 2009, Optima Soulsight will be known as Soulsight. This change reinforces the company’s focus on Soulsight as the leading Global Strategic Branding and Packaging firm. Soulsight will continue to strengthen their worldwide presence with offices in Europe, South America, Asia and Africa. This competitive advantage allows Soulsight to continue to develop global branding projects with the goals of leading the world’s favorite brands.
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Soul Sightings

Giving Back to the Community

At Optima Soulsight, we are deeply committed to giving back. Some of the most rewarding and inspiring projects that we work on are for non-profit organizations in the community. This year, Optima Soulsight was given the opportunity to help out two incredible organizations: the Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC) and the Lake Geneva Wine Festival.

invitation design sweet home chicago

Ronald McDonald House Charities asked Optima Soulsight to design an invitation for their 5th Annual "Big Mac Under Glass" dinner gala held in Chicago. The turnout for the Ronald McDonald House gala was considered to be its best ever, and the bold and engaging invitation...

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Typography Observations 2009

Typography is all around you. From the moment you walk out your door, you are bombarded by signs, packages and messages. Whether you realize it or not, font choice and the simplest typographic nuances can affect brand perception and create an emotional reaction in an instant. When you stop and take a moment to notice a font choice, you may realize, as we have, that there are several typefaces that are used more often than others. Some are cringe-worthy and border on sheer disaster while others, although prevalent, are fresh, beautiful and inspiring.

Download Printable Typography Observation Insights

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Soul Insights

Color Forecasts 2010

Each year Optima Soulsight evaluates the trends forecasted by leading experts in the color-prediction industry. Influences come from nature, food, textiles, cultures and environments to form fascinating combinations of color that infiltrate our world. We have taken the predictions and formed our own palettes which we will take into consideration when designing future cutting-edge brands.

We hope that you not only find this information a useful tool, but also feel inspired to take a look around in the upcoming year and see if our predictions come to life!

Download Printable Color Forecast Insights

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Soul Insights

Mass Customization Trend 2009

Lately, consumers are spending more wisely, while at the same time, businesses are watching their budgets with a closer eye. A mass customization strategy offers a win-win situation for both at play. Consumers feel that a custom-designed product “fit” for their needs is worth more. And businesses can not only produce more product, but the right product. With the advancement of technology, this eco-friendly approach keeps the consumer coming back for more since they feel good about their purchase each time. And you can rest easy knowing just that.

We have compiled examples of businesses that have adapted this mass...

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Soul Sightings

Miller Chill Restage

It's Cinco de Mayo – a celebration that began with the Battle of Puebla, and one that continues hard fought in coolers today. Miller Chill, the first "light beer with lime, " was a reveler favorite in 2007 until the competition took note and launched a "me too" offering backed by aggressive distribution and above-the-line support. In an effort to regain lost volume and reconnect with consumers, Miller Chill tapped into the growing trends of health consciousness and the Latinization of American culture and reformulated its recipe to only 100 calories, with a splash of natural lime flavor.

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Soul Sightings

FTD Brand Identity

Faced with growing competition, FTD needed to revitalize its floral business. Optima Soulsight created a brand identity and package design system centered around their globally recognized brand icon, the fleet-footed Mercury Man. We removed him from the constraints of the FTD logo and gave him a life of his own, making him bolder and more dynamic.

Drawing from FTD’s strong black and gold equity, we put the emphasis on black — an unusual choice for a flower company — and created a striking backdrop for FTD’s colorful floral arrangements. The beautiful shipper...

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