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It's The Little Things

In response to the cute 100 calorie, miniature versions of big things, we've noticed the little things are coming back with a vengeance.

From Giant Cheetos and Huge Nerds to Jumbo Rice Krispies, things that are normally little are claiming the territory of things that were big that left that territory to be little. Makes sense? Not entirely to us either. But it is definitely a trend that we have noticed over the past year.

Ultimately, it seems, brands keep fighting for market share with all they've got. Big things are little, little things are big. The oxymoronic...
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Brand Equity and "The Holidays"

The holiday season has arrived, and, here at Soulsight, we welcome the turn of the calendar page and the dusting of fresh snow we received this morning.

We began to ponder how our brand equity relates to the holidays. Should our holiday gifts be adorned with the traditional holiday color palette or our Soulsight equity colors (as outlined in our shiny new standards manual)?

That opened the door for a confab about how the holidays relate to consumer brands. The holidays are an endorser of many of the products that we will buy this year for friends and family. They...
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