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Sometimes You Find What You're Not Looking For

Pre-Design Research Discoveries

So I was reading an article about the new Acropolis Museum project in Athens (yes, get over it, I am Greek) and learned that during pre-construction excavation something amazing happened. An entire ancient city was discovered right where the bulldozers and diggers were ready to rumble.

"Oh no!" you might say, as many did. Most believed the project would be canceled or at best postponed many years due to the discovery. But, the famed architect Bernard Tschumi (neither have I) found inspiration!

Instead of wallowing in the unforeseen discovery, he embraced it. He cleverly designed the museum...
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The Power of Packaging (Even when it's Fake)

The power of packaging as a billboard for your product was, quite nicely I might add, reinforced over the holiday season.

Like many, I enjoy spying on my neighbors via the boxes they have on the curb the day after Christmas. Yikes, the Smiths got a 72 inch flat panel! The Jones got another treadmill (good luck with that).

What struck me this year was that a company that doesn't even have a package for its product, or ever will, understood this premise so much that it went to all the trouble of creating a nice "little" box to...
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