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All You Need Is Design Love

Earlier this month, we headed out to Providence, R.I. for some good ol' New England charm and inspiration at the DMI Annual 35 Conference. This year's focus was on how design finds its way into some of the key macro trends of our day: geopolitics, urbanization, sustainability, social media and new leaders...

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Gluttony to Gluten-Free? What Are You Eating This Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving is the ultimate holiday sponsor of gluttony (...and what's wrong with that?). One more serving of our classic Butterball turkey, another helping of savory Stove Top Stuffing, a slice of Libby's Pumpkin Pie, and a generous dollop of Cool Whip to top it all off...It's our favorite part of the celebration.

But, with increasing public health awareness and the continued growth of the organic food movement, consumers are giving more thought to what they are eating each day. Will Thanksgiving be any different?

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Don't Fear the Beehive: A Case for Collaboration

I'd like to downshift the topic of crowdsourcing into neutral for a moment to discuss its big brother: Collaboration. Collaboration is at the heart of all that is right with crowdsourcing, and I think it needs a little love.

In their latest books, Wired Magazine contributers Steven Johnson and Kevin Kelly, respectively, spotlight how innovation and invention are most often the product of teamwork and not the work of the proverbial "solitary genius toiling in a basement".

It is the collaborative connections that I am most interested in as catalyst for creative innovation. Kelly says it nicely when he...

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Crowdsourcing: In-Crowd or Out?

Crowdsourcing...kind of sounds familiar. It’s becoming a hot buzz term in the design industry, most recently referenced during the aftermath of the Gap’s failed logo redesign. So what is it?

It had a long way coming. With origins in outsourcing and open-sourcing, crowdsourcing was the next step, a natural progression that goes beyond globalization or opening up closed organization doors – it is the concept of literally opening up work to the “crowd,” the masses, putting as many minds at work as possible. The core belief is that great ideas can come from anyone, anywhere. crowdSPRING, an online...

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Urban Outfitters' Retro Redesign

Is it deja vu? Or did all of us miss the tip that retro, amateur-looking redesigns were the hot new trend? Just weeks after Gap's controversial logo switch, Urban Outfitters launches a new look to its site.

It's all a bit confusing why they did this... but if the point was to create buzz, it definitely has us talking.

Here's what we're saying...

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The Web May Be the Future, But It's Looking Pretty Blue

The web may be the future, but it’s looking pretty blue. In color, that is. A recently released infographic of the colors of the top 100 web brands reveals a color spectrum heavily weighted in hues of blue.

At first this may seem odd, as a brand should aim to “own” a certain color(s) to provide greater brand recognition and distinction. Why would a brand choose to use the same color many other brands are using? And why blue? After a quick look into color meaning and effects on observers, the cool blue color is an obvious logo color choice.

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