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Hallelujah! Pantone Has Given Birth to More Colors!

As designers, we are always referring to the Pantone Color Matching system for any project we work on. I find myself constantly gravitating toward the same colors time after time. Well, Pantone is now introducing more colors and several user-friendly tools to make our lives just a little easier. This new Pantone Plus system will include a new chromatic arrangement of colors (where they used to add any new colors to the end of the pack) as well as ink formulations for mixing colors, a color index, and a lighting evaluation tool. Picking the right color can make or break a design and hopefully this new system will provide a new spectrum of opportunities.

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Branding Through the Eyes of a 5 Year Old

Recently I have been reviewing Alina Wheeler’s book “Designing Brand Identity,” and was particularly interested in the study on simple brand identity elements and their meaning.

I decided to test my son, who is 5 and not quite reading yet. I gathered some of the most recognizable brands and asked him what they were and what they meant to him. I was curious which brands he could identify and then wondered if he could explain what they stood for. He did better than I expected. It’s amazing the power that some of these brands have, and how they...

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