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What's New on Our Website?

We've added several new features to our website!

You can now:

  • • Subscribe to our blog and news via RSS and Email. Just click on the icons in the upper right-hand corner of each section!

  • • Download and print one-sheet case studies of each of our featured work projects. Look for the "Download" link on each project page!

  • Send us a request form to be added to our mailing list, learn more about our services, and inquire about job opportunities.

  • • Learn about current employment opportunities with us -- view the job postings section on our blog.

• COMING SOON! Our new File Portal tool is launching soon! Contact us to be set up with an account for easy transfer of files between Soulsight and your team members.

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Grolsch Finds Another Way to Bring Cold to the Streets

Wish you could snap your fingers and a cold beer shows up? How about a quick phone call? Grolsch has found a refreshing way to bring cold to the streets of the Netherlands with its "Cool*Season" campaign. Just dial up the "Cool*Hotline" and a Grolsch-slinging rep will zoom in on a scooter (complete with refrigerated sidecar, no less) and trade your other brand of beer for a chilled can of Grolsch Premium Pils. Each can features a "Cool*Meter", ensuring you'll get the optimal chilled experience. Very cool.

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World Cup Edition: Great Idea, Great Design Rolled Into One Ball

Unplug Design's Dreamball is simply awesome. It's a perfect example of how inventive design can serve a greater purpose, something more than just nudging one towards one product or another.

Dreamball is a cylindrical, custom aid package delivered to children in developing Third World countries ravaged by war, poverty and famine. It's a new way to think about creating a sustainable package that can be more than just a throwaway vessel for a product.

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Rebranding BP: Greenpeace Launches Logo Competition

Nearly ten years ago, BP rebranded themselves as "beyond petroleum". However, with this year's controversial oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, Greenpeace has suggested that the company is in need of a new logo better suited for its "dirty business" and has launched a contest in search of the best redesign. The winning entry will be used as a part of Greenpeace's international tar sands campaign against BP.

To enter Greenpeace's Behind the Logo competition, submit your redesign by June 28th, 5:30 GMT.

For more information on the recent BP Gulf oil spill, visit the...

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Soul Insights

The World of Fluxury

In a world of changing demands and definitions, nothing is more in flux than the meaning of the word "luxury". Creating a unique brand experience beyond an emphasis on the product itself is increasingly important. If a holistic experience is created, truly personalized and considered by the consumer as a luxury, then a luxury product is born. For luxury is no longer just Almas caviar, Perrier Jouet champagne and Stuart Weitzman shoes. Luxury is purely in the eye of the beholder.

“Fluxury” is a term coined by for the ever-evolving definition of luxury. Luxury itself...

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Random Acts of Kindness

Soulsight is not only dedicated to the work we do, we are also dedicated to letting our co-workers know when they are appreciated. Over the past couple weeks, we’ve created an anonymous way to let people know when they’ve been “Caught in the Act”.

The feeling of being appreciated can go a long way. By setting this little card on someone’s desk, you might brighten their day.

Try this! Print these cards out to pass around your work!

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Allowing Experimentation and Freedom

Pretty much what we do everyday is experiment.
We experiment with ideas, strategies, designs, new ways of thinking and approaching problems.
Experimentation allows freedom to explore around the edges,
peaks and valleys, the expanse and the elasticity of ideas and concepts.
This is where the mind challenges assumptions and lets go of the norm,
and is free from bureaucracy.
During experimentation, there is no fear of failure;
it's all "what ifs" and preliminary answers and questions.
Experimentation isn't the solution; it's how you get to the solution.
And it makes knowing what does and doesn't work...

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