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Music and Beer? Tuned Pale Ale Hits All the Right Notes

May be two of my favorite things. Music and Beer.

Check out this new brew: Tuned Pale Ale.

Its combination instrument-bottle container comes in unique shapes designed to play specific music notes by gently blowing air over the mouth of the bottle. And if you think you can't make music without a beat, just turn over the 6-pack holder and you have tongue drum!

It's not for sale yet... but we can't wait for this cool new idea to hit the shelves!

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What Would MacGyver Do?

Soulsight Attends the 2010 Brand Packaging That Sells Conference: September 16-17

Ask yourself "What would MacGyver do?" when you are faced with your next design problem. You may be amazed with the wild ideas that can result! That was one of many inspiring questions raised at this year's Packaging That Sells conference which Soulsight sponsored and attended. Many keynote speakers, from the Chief Brand Architect of the Method brand to the Innovation Coach & Former Change Agent at Procter & Gamble, raised several questions to get us thinking about our company culture from the way we behave to the way we think. It was reaffirming to discover that we were right there with them as a company who stands apart from the crowd with our collaborative and diverse team-oriented environment that thrives on fearless innovation.

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MillerCoors Wins Big at the Great American Beer Festival

Congratulations to our good friends at MillerCoors for their recognition at the Great American Beer Festival (GABF).

They took home an impressive 11 medals including a gold for Miller Light and Blue Moon. Proof that they are truly committed to brewing great tasting beer.

Way to walk the walk!

For more details: MillerCoors Captures 11 Medals at 2010 Great American Beer Festival

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Lake Geneva Wine Festival 2010

Over the past weekend, September 10-11, our team attended the Lake Geneva Wine Festival in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. It was a great couple of days filled with fine wines, culinary tasting, and the atmospheric beauty of the area. All in all, a success! We are looking forward to working on next year's event!

The Lake Geneva Wine Festival is a non-profit, cultural event that supports the needs of children, families and education in the surrounding community. Soulsight has helped co-sponsor the event as the official design firm of the annual festival since its start.

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Say Good-Bye to Frustrating Packaging in 2010

Take a look at this great article in last week's New York Times about how is starting to collaborate with many of its manufacturers to develop "frustration-free" packaging to create an easier, more user-friendly experience for consumers who shop online:

Packaging Is All the Rage, and Not in a Good Way

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PSFK Salon's Fueling Imagination: Key Takeaways

After attending PSFK Salon's Fueling Imagination event last week, we found some great takeaways on brainstorming and the creative process that we just had to share.

- Local t-shirt company Threadless kicked things off with their ode to inspiring awesomeness. Mig Reyes, Brock Rumer and Colleen Wilson shot the breeze about how they've modeled their work around bringing the fun. "Only when you remove the fear and the walls that expectations build up can you really begin to explore."

TAKEAWAY: Let the creative energy really flow with inter-office passion projects and DIY days, where co-workers split up into groups...

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Instant Coffee, Instant Spoon

Today’s lifestyle calls for quick and easy... This instant coffee concept has an innovative approach to ditching the bulky coffee maker. Simply dip the the stick in hot water and the coffee portion will instantly dissolve into your cup as a ready-to-drink coffee beverage. The "take it with you" design serves a dual purpose as a mixing spoon once the coffee melts off. A smart solution for on-the-goers.

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