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2012 Let There Be Friendship

The Times Square Ball has been lowered or "dropped" from the flagpole of One Times Square nearly every New Year’s Eve since December 31, 1907. This Is the sixth incarnation of the ball that is currently made of Waterford Crystal triangle-shaped panels. This year's crystal ball design is entitled 'Let There Be Friendship' and the pattern on the panels is supposed to represent friends from around the world who are holding hands.

[VIA Design You Trust]
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Apple TV Sets in 2012?

Rumors of an Apple TV set have been floating about the internet for a long time, but it looks like you can expect full-blown Apple television sets to hit shelves in third or fourth quarter 2012.

[VIA Forbes]
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Design and Deception

I am no magician but I have always taken an interest in the art of playing cards. Check out some wonderful designed playing cards and this cool site called Dan & Dave with a very interesting mantra about design and deception.

[VIA Dan & Dave]
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Illustrated Cook Book

I love cook books, I love the way some words and photos can make your mouth water. Check out this interesting twist on something that has been done since that has been since the beginning of time.

[VIA Design Envy]
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Positive Posters

Positive Posters, founded in 2009, is a non-profit organization based in Australia that aims to raise global awareness on social issues. Their annual competition receives submissions from a vast community of artists that want to have a voice on various sociological issues and ideas. “Our community was founded upon our belief in the unrivaled ability of designers to create impact, communicate and spark revolutions.” – Positive Posters. Take a look at some of the photos from the 2011 exhibition below.

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Hand Crafted Type

Some business owners in New Delhi are just now feeling the effects of the computer revolution. Check out some of these old school designers who use their hands with amazing precision.

[VIA Design Envy]
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Linotype: The Film

I was having a little blast from the past inspiration today when I came across this video. Check out this awesome documentary about the Linotype Machine and how it revolutionized typesetting.

[VIA Wiki]
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Art of the Menu

If you love design and food as much as i do you must check out this really cool blog. Art of the Menu a division of Under Consideration has a simple concept, feature great restaurant menu designs. Check out a few of these designs that caught my eye. You can find their best of 2011 designs on their website.

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Gift Couture : Creative Gift Wrapping

So now that most everyone has probably done their holiday shopping its time to wrap them presents! I think its fun to get creative with wrapping presents, from using newspaper to creating some elaborate bow work.

Gift Couture is a new company that specializing in exactly that, creative gift wrapping! Their concept is to develop custom wrapping paper through original photography and design, including the creation of coordinating sets like this cheeseburger below. You can pre-order the cheeseburger paper on Kickstarter through a donation.

[VIA Gift Couture]
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Nuts about Nuts

Most of the student work posted on Dieline is great but this one really caught my eye. Jack Neville, a BFA graphic design student from Leeds College of Art created packaging design for "Nuts about Nuts" a line of nuts and nut butters. So clever using Rorschach's inkblot psychological tests to illustrate the concept of "being nuts about nuts". Each nut has its own individual inkblot.

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