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Wine: Thinking Forward

A lot of innovation has been happening in the wine industry proving that the beverage has come a long way from being a drink of the upper crust, consumed by the most refined crowds. Today, there is a new breed of wine drinkers: one that casually drinks with dinner or while watching a movie at home or at a picnic in the park with friends. Isn’t it about time the packaging and merchandising be modernized as well?

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FUSE 2011: Sharing Extraordinary

Join us as we celebrate the 15th anniversary of FUSE. As a sponsor at the premier brand design, strategy and packaging event, we would like to extend an exclusive 25% discount for you and your team to attend FUSE 2011: Sharing Extraordinary, taking place April 11-13, 2011 in Chicago.

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The Art of Censorship, or the Art in Not Censoring

Sometimes the hardest problems to solve are the ones you are most excited about. I have realized this through years of trying to design the next greatest, most groundbreaking, most original design...and usually failing miserably. I believe that, as designers, we do get something similar to "writer's block", and it can happen quite often if we put too much pressure on the process.

A few years ago, I started attending classes at the well known comedy club and school, The Second City, in Chicago...

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Grannies Inc: Customization Made With Love Authenticity

Trying to keep warm on these cold midwestern days, I was looking for a new scarf and mittens.

I came across this website... Grannies Inc

Not only are you able to design your own knitwear, but you can choose which grandma to knit it for you. The ultimate in customization and authenticity! Love it. I feel warm and loved already.

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Consumers Are Cows (Not Me)

That's it! I've decided that I will no longer tolerate being called a "consumer". Cows consume grass. Lawnmowers consume gas. Consumer is such a weird word to be latched on to a human experience. I buy stuff, I eat stuff, I wear stuff, but I do not consume anything.

Yes, I know, technically, by a dictionary's definition I do, but I never met Webster and he never met me. I am a father, a husband and a son. I am a human being, and I'm not going to take it anymore.

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Super Bowl XLV Sets a Standard

Gone are the days of unique Super Bowl logos customized to represent the year and host city. After 45 years, the Super Bowl will now have the same standard look to its logo each year. The new logo primarily features the Lombardi trophy with the only changing parts being the roman numerals and the stadium placed in the backdrop.

What do you think about giving the Super Bowl a uniform logo?

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Watching the Super Bowl Was Inspiring in Another Way

The contemporary art in Cowboys Stadium is amazing. It reminded me that the sport arenas of our past contained art. Why not a football stadium? What a great way to express energy and excitement!

If you did not catch the piece on the installations, or like me, don't live in the Dallas area, you can check out the work on the stadium's website.

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Heineken Launches Textured Can

This month, Heineken adds their own touch to packaging innovation with the unveiling of the brand's new can design.

Not only has Heineken launched a new design for their 12, 16 and 24 oz cans, but what's even more interesting is the new "first-to-market ink technology" that they have incorporated which "creates a unique texture" on the can itself.

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