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The Era of Expressions: Extending Your Brand Reach

The digital age and social media revolution have changed the way we consume information. Since the flow of information is no longer one-way—companies to consumers, there's a lot more on the table to look at in order to determine the true success of brands and products. It can no longer be measured by simply how many times a company's message is seen, i.e. "consumer impressions." In today's technologically savvy world, the message is then carried out by the consumers themselves through their "expressions," their interaction with a brand's content, mostly taking place online.

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Tracing the Origins of a Font: The Key to Revealing Its Heart

Do you ever stop and think about how many fonts are all around you at any given moment? How these fonts interact with each other, how some work amazingly well, and how sometimes it's as much about what the words look like as what the words are saying? Probably not, unless you work in the design field (or have some type of peculiar obsession). Then, you do take notice. Always.

Tracing fonts back to their origins can be very telling of that personality and greatly influence how we can better use them today. This amazing infographic highlights 50 of the most widely used typefaces by year designed, location and typographer...

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Brands That Put a Spring in Our Step (and Sometimes Even a Hop)

It's April, and it's Easter Sunday this weekend. Whether you're painting eggs or wishing to trade in the April rain for a few rays, there are certain brands and products that bring smiles to our faces, rain or shine, around this time. So let's chase away those winter blues...What's in your Easter basket?

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A Woman's World: Let's Speak Venusian

It's old news that women are good shoppers, but did you know that, more than being good, they actually control the marketplace?...more than 80% of U.S. and 65% of global spending (approximately $20 trillion). So if women are from Venus (and they dominate the market), as goods and service providers, shouldn't we learn to become expert speakers of "Venusian"?

In a recent article featured by Fast Company, this worldwide shift in the marketplace was addressed along with a few key tips on tomorrow's approach. Here's our takeaway...

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