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Creativity In The Caribbean :: Earthling Sailor

Creativity can be found everywhere, especially in the middle of the Caribbean. Meet my good friend Kelly Dalton who lives on a 36 foot Islander Sailboat called Earthling. She and her friend George are living out their dream of traveling the world.

[VIA Earthling Sailor]
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Coca Cola 125th anniversary

To celebrate its 125th anniversary, Coca Cola transformed a 90-square-meter space in Istanbul into an exhibition that allowed visitors to be immersed in the brand.

[VIA Design Taxi]
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The Slanted Door

The Slanted Door has grown from a hole in the wall establishment to a posh spot in the foodie-friendly Ferry Building and is the center point of a family of four restaurants under The Slanted Group Door umbrella. Check out their new identity.

[VIA Brand New]
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Soulsight Pantone Cook off

We kicked off our week at Soulsight with a Top Chef style food challenge inspired by Pantone color swatches. Check out the photos and see who made the winning dishes.
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Brand Awareness becomes Human Awareness

I was just made aware this weekend that there is a group of women who call themselves “New Life for Old Bags.” These women collect all those “old” plastic grocery bags and weave them into water proof mats for the homeless. [VIA New Life for Old Bags]
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What Would George Washington Tweet and Why It Matters to Brands.

Shawn Huckins’ recent series of paintings are entitled American Revolution Revolution: What would George post? Well, apparently George is ROFLing (that’s Rolling On Floor Laughing in text speak). [VIA Design Milk]
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picNYC table

Bringing the concept of urban farming into your city apartment, New York and Amsterdam based architect Haiko Cornelissen has created the picNYC table.
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The Gorillaz's X Converse

The Gorillaz's Murdoc Niccals has teamed up with Converse for a collection of sneakers mashing the iconic Chuck Taylors with and the band’s edgy, unmistakable style.
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Industry Identity Updates

I have said it before but the Under Consideration blogs are great! I love visiting Brand New to check out what brands have been updating their look. Seems like quite a few big names are considering significant changes. Check out some of the new designs, Who do you think made forward progress? [VIA Brand New]
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A Valentine's Day Creation That Sizzles

Searching for a Valentine's gift to profess your love and make a lasting impression that $80 and 3 days later isn't a wilted memory? [VIA My Last Bite]
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