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Origami Street Art

Street art is becoming multi dimensional. Check out this video directed by Jean Duval illustrating the work of ephemeral street art from the artist Mademoiselle Maurice only made ​​up of origami paper.
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Mikkeller | Heat Sensitive Label

Danish brewery Mikkeller produced this small batch seasonal ale with a heat indicating label.

[VIA Brand New]
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Josh Cockrell Talks Jester King Branding

Josh Cockrell is the creative director and illustrator behind the Jester King brand. He shares his philosophy behind the brand and why he chose an elaborate and detail approach toward the artwork.

[VIA Oh Beautiful Beer]
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Lifetime Television : Identity Refresh

Last week, Lifetime introduced a completely new look. What do you think?

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Color Forecaster: Scanning the Fashion Capitals of the World

Color Forecast shows you in real time what colors people are wearing in the fashion capitals - Paris & Milan & Antwerp.

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Succeeding in the Path to Purchase: Strategies for Point of Sale

To further drive engagement with consumers, learn more about our four principles for a successful point of sale strategy: Delight Your Shopper, Improve Shopability, Personalize the Shopping Experience, Provide Convenience Solutions.
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Brand Experience Insurance

Developing a positioning that reflects your brand's personality, essence and purpose is crucial, but without a product that meets or exceeds the promise and consumer expectations, you're lost.

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Hello Brooklyn

Hello Brooklyn!! It's nice to see Brooklyn getting a franchise again. The Nets are moving in with a bold look and new visual attitude. From a design standpoint I like the simplicity and street inspired feel.

[VIA Brooklyn Nets]
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How Geniuses Think

Recognizing the common thinking strategies of creative geniuses and applying them will make you more creative in your work and personal life. Creative geniuses are geniuses because they know "how" to think, instead of "what" to think. Check out the full article from Creativity Post here.

[VIA Creativity Post]
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