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Posted in Awesome

3D printing : Objet1000

The 3D printing capabilities of the new Objet1000 are amazing. Bringing designs to life for full size prototypes.

[VIA Fast Co. Design]
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Picasso Painting With Light

Truly incredible images captured by American-Albanian photographer Gjon Mili. spent weeks with Picasso in his home, experimenting with long-exposure photography.

[VIA Fast Co. Design]
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Lazerwood Keys for Apple Keyboard

Ever wanted to spruce up your desktop keyboard just to be a little different! Check out these cool wooden keys from Lazerwood.
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Where the Internet Lives

We all spend so much time online these days but have you ever thought about where all that data and information is housed?
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Cityscape Chicago

Filmmaker and photographer Eric Hines makes our city look pretty awesome with this sweet timelapse video. The clip itself consists of 30,000 still photographs taken primarily around the downtown area at night.

[VIA Colossal]
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Modular Space Frame Structures by formkind

Forget cubicles check out these super cool modular structures created by Formkind.

[VIA HypeBeast]
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Hey Jude, Nice Handwriting

In an experiment of typography and Pantone markers, Italian designer Stefano Agabio paid homage to The Beatles song Hey Jude.

[VIA Everything Is A Number]
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BuddyBeers App: Putting the Social back into Socializing

Check out this cool app from the Berlin-based BuddyBeers!

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What's your Pantone Mood

Our friends at Pantone put together this fun chart to help us all navigate our mood. Which PANTONE Color monster best reflects your mood this morning? Let us know and we might send you a poster.

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Inflated latex lamps by Eden Ohana

Check out this amazing lighting project from Israeli designer Eden Ohana

[VIA Design Boom]
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