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Posted in Brand ID

De-branded Products: A Test of Iconic Design

Some of the world’s most recognizable brands will be on the shelves in Selfridges’ curated ‘Quiet Shop’. These brands have been asked by Selfridges to be part of the project to demonstrate confidence that the products alone are enough, and that customers will recognise the products without the need for a brand name.

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The Next Wave In Branding : Sonic Identity

Sonic branding expert Joel Beckerman was tasked with designing sounds to signify “safe,” “connected,” and “possibility” on AT&T phones. Here’s how he went about it.

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Thanksgiving has always been one of our favorite holidays, here at Soulsight.

This morning, as we waited patiently in line at the market to pay for our groceries, we began to reflect on how some brands connect to the holiday as if they were one of our guests.

There are brands that in their own unique way provide an authenticity and nostalgia that we have begun to attribute to the warm experience, ritual and tradition of Thanksgiving.

Of course, some brands are just about having fun, which is a lot like Thanksgiving too.

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Virgin America: Holistic Multi-Sensory Design At 35,000 Feet

We all know how cumbersome and exhausting air travel can be these days. From the long lines and incessant delays to the irritable gate attendants and headache-inducing neon lights. Fun, fun. Well, imagine for a moment, if you will, that you were given respite from the hideous underbelly of air travel and instead granted the gift of a truly calming and – dare I say it? – visually arresting experience. Would you believe me? I wouldn't have either, but that was before I had my first (and now certainly not my last) flight on Virgin America.

I was first aware of...

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Harley-Davidson: Beyond Chrome and Steel

This week marks the 71st Annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. And while that may conjure up various visuals in your mind, it most definitely calls up the Harley-Davidson brandmark.

Harley-Davidson has, over 100 years, cultivated a cult following and brand loyalty built upon a devotion that is unrivaled. The Harley-Davidson product has grown beyond chrome and steel to an exemplar of aspirational lifestyle brand. For me, however, it still largely represented bikers and other nefarious members of the hardcore set...

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Nordkyn's Too Cool Identity About as Cool as Its Winter

Nature rules the land on the Nordkyn peninsula in Finnmark, Norway. The area's iconic, "live" identity that changes along with the elements also rules.

What makes this innovative brandmark especially important is that the bulk of Finnmark's tourism is nature and sporting focused. The design of the mark certainly captures the arctic mystique of the Nordic environment, but it is also directly useful in reflecting wind and temperature.

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Coca-Cola: Celebrating 125 Years of Sharing Happiness

In today's marketplace, new products come in and old products are switched out every day. How does one survive throughout the years? It is no small feat determining the right strategy for executing the evolution of a brand over time and ultimately leading to brand endurance.

On Sunday, May 8, The Coca-Cola Company turns 125-years-old. As it celebrates another year, we are reminded how Coke is a wonderful example of brand evolution done right. Coke has allowed the tone and manner of its brand message to ebb and flow over the years, adapting to the times, but the basic brand promise has remained consistent. It is the promise of refreshment and happiness that has stood as the constant pillars of the brand's effervescent contract with its consumers.

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2011 Logo Trends: What Makes a Mark

The folks at LogoLounge have released their 2011 logo trends report. It is exciting to see what is happening in the industry and inspires us to participate in the next round of innovative design. Described by Soulsight Design Director Justin Berglund, below are a few of our favorite trends mentioned in the report along with examples of logos that use the techniques...

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The Essence of a City Uncovered

In a passage from one of my favorite books, Eat Pray Love, the characters have a discussion of a city's "word". How do we sum up a city's look, feel, smell, vibe in one word? How do we capture its essence?

We already associate certain brands with cities, sometimes even down to being "more L.A. than New York or Miami" or "more Nashville than Chicago". These brands have extracted the aura of a city and made it tangible, given it a face. People will say, "Well, I'm a New Yorker" like that is supposed to mean...

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Super Bowl XLV Sets a Standard

Gone are the days of unique Super Bowl logos customized to represent the year and host city. After 45 years, the Super Bowl will now have the same standard look to its logo each year. The new logo primarily features the Lombardi trophy with the only changing parts being the roman numerals and the stadium placed in the backdrop.

What do you think about giving the Super Bowl a uniform logo?

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