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7-11 Retro Re-brand in Sweden

Re imagining an 80 year old company, 7-11 goes for a retro rebrand in Sweden.

[VIA Fast Co. Design]
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Greek yogurt phenomenon

Late to the Greek yogurt phenomenon? General Mills plans to launch 40 new yogurt products in the first half of its new fiscal year. Check out some different Greek Yogurt package designs. See any room for improvement?
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Unilever Asks Facebook Users to Donate to Its Waterworks Project

Unilever Foundation, the company’s nonprofit launched in the beginning of 2012 has teamed up with Population Services International (PSI) to commence a Facebook project, the ‘Waterworks’ that is aimed to help millions of people in need of fresh water.

[VIA PopSop]
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Lifetime Television : Identity Refresh

Last week, Lifetime introduced a completely new look. What do you think?

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Brand Experience Insurance

Developing a positioning that reflects your brand's personality, essence and purpose is crucial, but without a product that meets or exceeds the promise and consumer expectations, you're lost.

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Hello Brooklyn

Hello Brooklyn!! It's nice to see Brooklyn getting a franchise again. The Nets are moving in with a bold look and new visual attitude. From a design standpoint I like the simplicity and street inspired feel.

[VIA Brooklyn Nets]
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Weight Watchers : New UK Packaging

Weight Watchers a goes for a “vibrant and appetizing” new packaging look. Do you think they hit the mark?

[VIA Packaging News UK]
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Datsun Returns

After 21 years off the market Datsun returns to India, Indonesia, and Russia starting in 2014. With so much time on the shelf Datsun needed a new logo. What do you think?

[VIA Brand New]
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Reclaim Your Inner Kid: Oreo Turns 100

Oreo cookies turn 100 this year and have a very sweet (pun intended) site that allows consumers to upload videos and images of themselves reclaiming their inner kid, in another wonderful example of how brands can connect to their consumer on an emotional and level.

[VIA Nabisco]
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USA Basketball | New Look

This week USA Basketball introduced a new logo that replaces the current version, in use since 1989. Nice upgrade USA!

[VIA Brand New]
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