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Occupy Wall Street Art: Designing A Political Movement

Let's be honest. It's all over the news and it's hard to ignore. So, whether you're a supporter of the Occupy Wall Street cause or not, the one thing that is hard to argue (regardless of what side of the fence you're on) is the now ubiquitous use of art and design to provoke and communicate a point of view during this movement.

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Reality Bytes: QR Codes Become the Everyday

By now, most of us have heard of QR codes to some extent, or at the very least we've stood in public and asked the embarrassing question, "Hey...what the heck is that?" They're everywhere -- in magazines and newspapers, on posters and ads in our train or bus, as social network avatars, and, ah yes, even on the package of products themselves...

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Crowdsourcing: In-Crowd or Out?

Crowdsourcing...kind of sounds familiar. It’s becoming a hot buzz term in the design industry, most recently referenced during the aftermath of the Gap’s failed logo redesign. So what is it?

It had a long way coming. With origins in outsourcing and open-sourcing, crowdsourcing was the next step, a natural progression that goes beyond globalization or opening up closed organization doors – it is the concept of literally opening up work to the “crowd,” the masses, putting as many minds at work as possible. The core belief is that great ideas can come from anyone, anywhere. crowdSPRING, an online...

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