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Posted in Design

Delightful Mad Men Posters

While this season of Mad Men has many of us at Soulsight thankful that we don't work at Sterling/Cooper/Draper/Pryce, we certainly do love the style.

Cape Town-based creative studio Radio has created a set of 3 poster illustrations to promote Season 6 of AMC’s Mad Men.

These illustrations feature distinctive silhouettes and artefacts of various characters from the popular TV series.

Can you identify these characters?

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Director John Kahrs talks about the future of 2D animation

Director John Kahrs talks about his vision for the short film Paperman and why its help change the furture of animation.

[VIA Fast Co. Design]
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Pen and Ink Illustrations of Famous Quotes

Designer Ryan McArthur collected some of the wittiest and most famous quotes and put them into pen and ink illustrations. The result is a group of ultra-bold prints based on the likes of Oscar Wilde, Victor Hugo and Thomas Edison.

[VIA Paste Magazine]
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7-11 Retro Re-brand in Sweden

Re imagining an 80 year old company, 7-11 goes for a retro rebrand in Sweden.

[VIA Fast Co. Design]
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Never Released Apple Designs

The iPhone, iPad, and iMac are some of the most amazing tools in the world, designed with aesthetic, functionality and practicality all in mind. Check out some of these never released apple prototypes from phones to tablets and home computers.

[VIA Fast Co. Design]
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Claire Duport Pen & Paper Designs

An inside look at Claire Duport's amazing Pen and Paper illustrations.

[VIA Hype Beast]
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Bouroullec Brothers In Chicago

If you didn't have a chance to see the Bouroullec Brothers In Chicago's Museum of Contemporary Art. Here is a look at some amazing pieces the French duo have created.

[VIA Fast co Design]
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The Art of Music Billboards

Check out the new book that documents the extravagant billboards that went up on Sunset Strip during the music industry’s boom years.

[VIA FastCo. Design]
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Ingo Maurer and Baccarat UNICEF Snowflake

Acclaimed German lighting and industrial designer Ingo Maurer partners with leading French crystal manufacturers Baccarat to present the largest outdoor chandelier of its kind–the UNICEF Snowflake.

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Modular Space Frame Structures by formkind

Forget cubicles check out these super cool modular structures created by Formkind.

[VIA HypeBeast]
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