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Posted in Go Green

Grow Bottles: The Greenest Garden

I am a huge fan of repurposed items so, when I saw Grow Bottles, it was love. A cure for a few things including: how to keep your herbs alive through the winter, how to decorate your home in style, and how to stay true to your latest vow of promoting sustainability. Grow Bottles is an herb kit that uses the hydroponic gardening method to grow basil, chives, mint, oregano, and parsley in a recycled wine bottle. A beautiful, artful and eco-friendly addition to the zen-like home.

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It's Not Easy Being Green

Frito-Lay has decided to discontinue the biodegradable bag they developed for their Sun Chips brand (only 18 months into the program) because consumers didn't appreciate the noise it made when handled and complained en mass – further proving that the double edged sword of social media cuts deep.

Quite sad, but I think an important lesson can be learned from this.

Innovation for innovation's sake is never the best way to go, but it really cements how important employing consumer research and insights are to the success of any brand innovation. Consumers may say they want green products, but brands may need to look deeper into the psychographics to uncover whether they are willing to pay for it, understand it, or sacrifice for it. In this case, consumers were happy...

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World Cup Edition: Great Idea, Great Design Rolled Into One Ball

Unplug Design's Dreamball is simply awesome. It's a perfect example of how inventive design can serve a greater purpose, something more than just nudging one towards one product or another.

Dreamball is a cylindrical, custom aid package delivered to children in developing Third World countries ravaged by war, poverty and famine. It's a new way to think about creating a sustainable package that can be more than just a throwaway vessel for a product.

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Rebranding BP: Greenpeace Launches Logo Competition

Nearly ten years ago, BP rebranded themselves as "beyond petroleum". However, with this year's controversial oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, Greenpeace has suggested that the company is in need of a new logo better suited for its "dirty business" and has launched a contest in search of the best redesign. The winning entry will be used as a part of Greenpeace's international tar sands campaign against BP.

To enter Greenpeace's Behind the Logo competition, submit your redesign by June 28th, 5:30 GMT.

For more information on the recent BP Gulf oil spill, visit the...

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