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Posted in Industry Happenings

The University of California Logo Debacle

The University of California has revoked their new logo after public backlash to the uninspired change.

[VIA Brand New]
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The Next Wave In Branding : Sonic Identity

Sonic branding expert Joel Beckerman was tasked with designing sounds to signify “safe,” “connected,” and “possibility” on AT&T phones. Here’s how he went about it.

[VIA FastCo. Design
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Check out this interesting survey by AdAge that shows consumers ability to recognize Olympics sponsors for the 2012 games in London.
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Twitter : New San Fransico Headquarters

Check out the newly inhabited Twitter offices in the Mid-Market neighborhood of San Francisco.

[VIA Hype Beast]
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Twitter’s Evolutionary Re-Branding: The Bird is the Word

It's not easy. That's the truth. While there are many ways to interpret a brief from a client for a rebranding assignment, there are only two real ways to go about it. Evolutionary or Revolutionary.
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Josh Cockrell Talks Jester King Branding

Josh Cockrell is the creative director and illustrator behind the Jester King brand. He shares his philosophy behind the brand and why he chose an elaborate and detail approach toward the artwork.

[VIA Oh Beautiful Beer]
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Creative Suite New Look

Adobe Creative Suite needs no introduction: we all use it, and we all desperately try to keep up with their upgrades and their rising price tags. This week Adobe launched its latest version, CS6, which includes a whopping 19 applications and is divided in four main suites.

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Restrictions on Common Food Names?

A number of food producers and organizations from multiple countries have launched the Consortium for Common Food Names, an international initiative that seeks to stop efforts to restrict the use of generic food names, including such efforts by the European Commission.

[VIA Packaging Digest]
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Growing Trend: Ultra Premium Commodities

In this age of economic woes and scary news of recession and depression and countries and companies going out of business, it seems there is still an inexplicable underground taste for ultra-premium commodities. Considering some of the price tags, this underground, of course, is probably a palatial estate dug into the side of some remote coconut island. [VIA Smart Money]
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SXSW 2012 - More Than Just Music

Every year SXSW grows leaps and bounds, this year is no exception. New to SXSW the Startup Village brought together startups, entrepreneurs, investors, and cutting-edge digital taste-makers to create new and exciting business ideas.

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