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Posted in Packaging

De-branded Products: A Test of Iconic Design

Some of the world’s most recognizable brands will be on the shelves in Selfridges’ curated ‘Quiet Shop’. These brands have been asked by Selfridges to be part of the project to demonstrate confidence that the products alone are enough, and that customers will recognise the products without the need for a brand name.

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Dom Pérignon by David Lynch

Filmmaker David Lynch, Experiments with photography and lighting to create the package and wrap for one of the worlds most renowned Champagne makers.

[VIA Cool Hunting]
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Nobilin: Target Heavy Food

With an effort to separate Nobilin from other brands at the point of sale a design team in Germany whipped up this clever concept for a special edition antacid. The packaging takes AIM at heavy foods.

[VIA Ads of the World]
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Solcare | Sun Care Products

Check out these interesting new bottles of Solcare sun care products, sold in Mercadona supermarkets.

[VIA Lovely Package]
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Bottled Cold Brew Coffee

Most everyone who gets up early in the AM to start their day are looking for a boost. My latest obsession is bottled cold brew coffee. My favorite brew "Pure Black" comes from a local shop La Colombe on Randolph in the west Loop. Check out some other brews and new packaging concepts for bottled coffee.

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Edible Book

Have you ever seen an edible book? Printed on wafer paper with edible ink!

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Vildenvang Gårdsysteri | Functional Design

I love cheese but for the most part cheese packaging can get pretty sloppy. Check out this classy and effective design for Vildenvang Gårdsysteri a small dairy company in northern Norway.
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Marks & Spencer Revolutionary Packaging

Marks & Spencer has unveiled new ‘revolutionary’ packaging that extends the life of fruit stored in the fridge by up to two days and as a result reducing food waste!

[VIA Packaging News UK]
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Between Five Bells : Informative Design

Nick Felton is a master of data visualization. When most people think of reading data they think of Excel-generated charts. Felton believes data visualization can also be beautiful. I think that this is an interesting concept and in the age of data couldn't be more appropriate.

[VIA Design Envy]

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Have it a New Way

As Burger King begins to focus their efforts globally, with a push of sleekly designed and very successful 20/20 restaurants (think: what would Burger King look like in Back to the Future, Part 2), we're also seeing their packaging design begin to take a new focus.

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