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News: Hot Off The Presses

11/15/2010 Soulsight Achieves Status of Preferred Design Agency With MillerCoors and The Hershey Company

Chicago-based design agency, Soulsight, announced today that it has achieved the status of "Preferred Design Agency" with MillerCoors and The Hershey Company. Soulsight will provide services focused on brand strategy, brand identity and package design throughout the partnerships. Soulsight is considered an industry leader, recognized for their thought leadership and proven track record for successfully growing brands.

“Soulsight is proud to be partnering with these iconic, category-leading clients. We are looking forward to producing great work in the future and contributing to each brand’s ongoing success,” said James Pietruszynski, Partner and Creative Director at Soulsight.

Soulsight’s success is driven by a holistic approach, focused on creating memorable experiences that resonate with the consumer beyond the initial point of contact. They create brand alignment by uncovering, exposing, and aligning the “soul” of a brand with consumer desire and expectation. Soulsight’s mission is to find and uncover a brand’s soul through strategic forward thinking and engaging design, building meaningful lasting connections between consumers and their brands.

“Our [MillerCoors] longstanding relationship with Soulsight has been based on trust and delivery. Their strategic approach to developing visual identity programs looks beyond the expected, consistently delivering high-quality, on-target results for our business. We have found in them a true creative partner from innovation to execution,” said Candace Walters, Design Manager at MillerCoors.

Recently, Soulsight worked with MillerCoors to develop the visual identity and packaging for the new Batch 19 Pre-Prohibition Style Lager. Batch 19 is inspired by the last batches of beer brewed before Prohibition made it illegal. The logo and packaging design communicate the genuine story around the Pre-Prohibition era and leverage the era’s rebel mindset. Batch 19 is currently available on draft at select locations in San Francisco, San Jose, Chicago, Milwaukee and Washington, D.C. Six packs are exclusively sold at Harris Teeter stores in Washington, D.C. as of December 3.