In 1919, beer was banned. Barrels were broken, breweries went under and recipes were lost. When beer came back 14 years later, it was never the same. Batch 19 Pre-Prohibition Style Lager, was designed to reflect that time before prohibition when beers were stronger, grittier, and less refined. The 5.5% ABV beer was inspired by an actual recipe found in the Coors archives log book dating back before Prohibition in 1919. Soulsight was asked to develop the brand identity and packaging to tell the story that would bring that concept to life.


Soulsight developed a bold, rebellious visual identity for the brand that was inspired by the Pre-Prohibition era, but still felt contemporary and relevant for today’s consumer. Soulsight leveraged the look and feel of early 20th century newspapers and block printing, as well as 1940s film noir as inspiration for the design. The rich, black palette served as a bold, stark contrast to the bright white and gold palette. The distressed treatment of the letterforms, newsprint story of the 18th Amendment (legally banning alcohol in 1920) on the 6-pack handle, and simulated hand-applied “Banned” label added to the authentic Pre-Prohibition brand experience. The bold “19” at the base of the design, created a visual anchor for the pack and established “19” as a proprietary icon for the brand – and an easy bar call! To complete the authentic visual story, Soulsight used an iconic amber bottle with two signature rings around the neck (harkening back to beer bottles from that era) with a subtle embossment of the date “1919” to reinforce the key messaging.

After developing the packaging and brandmark, the visual identity was extended to a proprietary tap handle, branded bar glassware, and even an authentic half gallon growler – to enjoy with friends on-premise.


Due to the incredible success of the brand’s regional launch in 2010, thirsty consumers throughout the U.S. are demanding Batch 19 be served in their cities, via Facebook and Twitter. MillerCoors is planning for a national launch in early 2013.