Delivering Holiday Cheer


Soulsight has been working with Coca-Cola to develop their holiday packaging since 2003. The holiday packaging is an important corporate initiative because Coca-Cola has always been synonymous with “bringing the magic of the holidays to life,” from their iconic and historic “Sundbloom Santa,” used since 1931, to more contemporary imagery such as the lovable Polar Bears and Coca-Cola Caravan. The packaging is also highly collectible, necessitating a fun and innovative new design each year to capture the attention and imagination of consumers.


From design solutions featuring the “Sundbloom Santa” to the development of new, contemporary interpretations reflective of the holiday spirit, Soulsight has developed a variety of successful packages for Coke throughout the years. We have created memorable designs for the US market, graphic and iconic cans for the urban youth market, and award-winning holiday packaging capturing the magic of the holidays for a culturally diverse international audience.


Whether aimed at the general US public, the niche youth market, or an international audience, Soulsight’s unique designs always deliver on the excitement and anticipation of the holidays while artfully merging contemporary refreshment with the heartwarming history of the brand.

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Soulsight delivered the excitement of the holidays, while artfully merging contemporary refreshment with the heart-warming history of the brand.