Repositioning a Brand to Increase Consumer Awareness


Coca-Cola introduced its first entry into the premium brewed tea category. Unfortunately, the packaging didn't convey the positioning of "real, fresh brewed tea". While the product was well received after tasting, it was very recessive on-shelf, which resulted in low trial and limited availability. Those factors contributed to a very low brand awareness that threatened the brand.


Soulsight was asked to develop a system that would reposition the brand and gain market share in a highly noisy category. Consumer research found that health claims were now considered the cost of entry in the tea category, and that there was an area of opportunity to leverage "home-brewed quality" as a point of difference. Soulsight created an ownable tea leaf stamp/seal that supported the "real brewed tea" reason to believe. By eliminating extraneous design elements and limiting communication to reinforce the positioning of "the way tea should taste,” Soulsight developed an image of a homemade, small batch tea with a premium brand message. Employing a brighter color palette also helped create a strong shelf presence and was different from the competition.  


After redesign, Gold Peak successfully tested in new markets. The design focus was aimed at showcasing the intrinsics of quality rather than wasting messaging on the now universally understood benefits of drinking tea. The brighter package design and flavor specific color code system aided shopability and popping off the shelf, increasing trial and brand awareness, and thus market share. Soulsight has evolved Gold Peak into another quality, iconic offering from Coca-Cola.