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The Icarus Line


The World’s Most Dangerous Band


When L.A. proto-punk band, The Icarus Line, released their breakthrough album, Penance Soiree, to widespread critical acclaim, it was a turning-point for the band. Already energized with a rapidly-growing fan base, legendary live shows and an undeniable success from Penance, The Icarus Line wanted to elevate their image and solidify themselves among the best in the music industry.


Soulsight captured the immediacy and power of the group with rockin’ iconic imagery. Soulsight worked closely with the band to develop a strong online presence and identity system for the new album and record label. Combining energetic photography from their live shows with vintage-inspired graphics, Soulsight captured the band’s unmistakable musical style in a unique and memorable way.


The resulting program has already been successful, increasing the band’s exposure worldwide. The Icarus Line is now regarded as an influential force in modern music, and was recently touted in global design publications such as Graphis for its unforgettable graphics.