Taking Back the Limelight


After an impressive national launch in 2007, Miller Chill, the brand that established the light beer with lime segment, was challenged by the introduction of Bud’s “me too” offering. In addition to rising competitive pressure, consumers were confused by Chill’s “Chelada Style” proposition and unclear whether Chill was a light beer. Our goal? To more clearly and simply communicate that Miller Chill is a light beer with lime while still maintaining its unique, Latin vibe brand personality.


Our team took a bold approach to the restage. To more strongly compete with the new entrants in the category, we proposed changing the Miller Chill bottle color from green to clear glass. This was a significant shift for the brand, allowing consumers to see the lightness of the product and positioning the brand head-to-head against other Latin and light beers.

Soulsight introduced an uplifting white and silver palette to the packaging by incorporating the unique “belt buckle” diecut from the primary label onto the secondary package, elevating the light impression of the brand. To further reincorce the light proposition, the 100-calorie message was displayed prominently on the primary neck label and integrated with the beer imagery on the secondary packaging. A mouthwatering lime and swirl pattern was developed for the background to support the delicious lime taste of the beer. Water droplets and sparkling refreshment cues also enhanced the light impression, and the dynamic swirls reinforced the Latin vibrancy and energy of the brand.


Differentiation is everything! Soulsight’s revitalized brand and package redesign for Miller Chill boldly pushes Bud Light Lime out of the limelight by offering 100 calories of refreshing, Latin fun.

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Soulsight refreshed Miller Chill with a new look that leveraged the light beer with lime experience.