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Global Branding for a Growing Demand


With the rise of mixed-martial arts (MMA) receiving considerable attention and growth (even surpassing boxing and many other North American sports in attendance and pay-per-view sales), Soulsight Asia capitalized on the opportunity to help develop Korea’s top global martial arts brand, Mooto.


Soulsight Asia focused the brand development on the core elements of a true martial artist – an emphasis on training both body and mind to develop a disciplined fighter’s attitude. The same was true for the branding treatment. The Mooto brandmark was developed as a combination of the letters “M” and “T” – the “M” symbolizing a fighters heart while “T” represented a shield. This unique and iconic symbolism helped to define the Mooto brand as a strong identity with universal appeal, while still rooted in Asian culture. The Mooto branding was created with a bold simplicity and flexibility that allowed for many applications across various products and apparel.


The success of the Mooto launch secured the Korean brand’s appeal across borders, with a strong presence in 18 different countries. Mooto’s unique product design, combined with an inherent passion for martial arts, has enhanced the brand’s global appeal to the ever-growing MMA audience.

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The successful brand launch secured Mooto’s appeal across 18 different countries.