Do You Need A Time Out From Screen Time?

By Laura DeGroot, Soulsight’s Mom with a Mission


As a mother of two small children, screen time is an all-too-familiar topic. How much is too much? Is it okay during snack-time? What about before bed? Of course, as parents we know that not all screen time is bad. There are plenty of educational shows for kids to watch (shout out to Sesame Street and Word Party) and engaging games that can be enjoyed as a bonding experience (I’m looking forward to our first family Mario Cart challenge). But all too often, these conversations end with parents feeling guilty or needing to justify the amount and type of screen time their kids are allowed to enjoy.


So if we believe there’s a threshold to the positive aspects of screen time for our children, do we believe there is one for us as well? What are other ways we can go about our day that can leave us feeling a little more inspired in our thinking and engaged in our work? 


Seek Out A New Perspective 

Whether it’s your kids streaming on their tablets from the family room couch or you reading e-mails from your laptop at your desk, these familiar spaces can easily trap us into going about our days in routine ways. When you follow the same schedule, surrounded by the same people (no matter how amazing they are) in the same environment, it can be hard to come up with new, creative ideas. So why not change it up? Whether you’re a parent looking to foster the imaginations of your kids, or a team leader looking to inspire the creative thinking of a team, get out of the collective comfort zone to seek a change of scenery that will provide everyone with a new, mind-opening perspective.


Learn From The Experts

An exciting part of having small children is seeing them learn new skills. While some things can definitely be absorbed from watching a show or using an interactive app, a great way for them to learn is by participating in classes or lessons where they can gain all the tips and tricks they need to succeed from a certified teacher, coach or professional. The same goes for us in our careers. While secondary research has its benefits, actively engaging with experts provides a personalized learning opportunity that can’t be captured on a screen.


So whether you’re heading to the family room to watch some Sesame Street or commuting to your office building on the Magnificent Mile, consider taking a time out from screen time to get inspired and engaged in real life.


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